Amazing results by Harry Allen in Spain

The Ballywalter Team had some great results over the last three weeks in Oliva Nova, Spain.
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Published  23.10.2019
Since the beginning of the month, Ballywalter Farms has been well represented at the MET1 CSI2*/3* Oliva Nova in Valencia, Spain. With our youngest rider Harry Allen in the saddle, the eight horses; Dancing Queen, Calafrieda, Gentleman, Dis Moi Tout De Clairbois, Harmonie, Curios Vdcq, Olina Van De Noordheuvel and our breeding stallion Guinness, have been collecting many ribbons. Of a total of 67 rounds, Harry has been placed 37 times, with 20 top 5 placings and 11 wins, including a brilliant Grand Prix runner-up spot for our breeding stallion Guinness. 

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