Ballywalter Team Shines in Gijon

It has been an exceptionally memorable week in Gijon, filled with outstanding equestrian achievements for the Ballywalter Team.

Photo CSI Gijon
Published  28.08.2023
The spotlight shone on the dynamic duo of Harry and Calculatus, who triumphed in Sunday's 4* 1.60m Grand Prix, showcasing an exhilarating performance.

Friday brought another accomplishment as Bertram partnered with Edison de Hus to secure victory in the challenging 1.55m jump-off class.
At the same time, Harry and Calculatus secured a commendable 4th place finish, while Emily and Cornet earned 7th place, highlighting the stables' dominance through three impressive double clears within the top 7.

On Thursday, the spotlight fell on Bertram and Buddy, who confidently seized victory in the 1.50m ranking class. Furthermore, Emmylou secured a well-earned podium finish in the 1.45m ranking class.

The youngsters were also shining, with 7-year-old Gary de Cericy claiming third place in both of the youngster classes.

However, the pinnacle of the weekend was the Grand Prix on Sunday. Among the 12 combinations that advanced to the jump-off, Calculatus and Harry once again delivered an outstanding performance, stopping the clock at 45.65 seconds, placing them ahead of runner-up Jack Whitaker in 46.37. Bertram and Buddy also demonstrated a superb round in the Grand Prix, finishing 6th.

The owner of Calculatus was also acknowledged and celebrated, with Qinyu Pang receiving the Winning Owner prize, which was undoubtedly well-deserved.