Bertram & Quiet Easy Makes Spectacular Winning Debut in Wellington

The first week in Wellington started the best way possible for Bertram and his speedy partner Quiet Easy, who yesterday won the CSI4* 1.40 class, counting 80 horse and rider combinations. 

Photo ® Sportfot
Published  31.01.2020

Quiet Easy has been one of Bertram's most successful horses from earlier years before he was sold to Norway a few years ago. After two years abroad the gelding just recently got back to Ballywalter Farms to be reunited with Bertram Allen. Yesterday's win proved a solid horse and rider partnership.

Bertram said:

"I really like him, and I've known him for a long time. This was one of my first classes back with him, and he's really fresh, so it's lovely to have him back. The owner didn't have so much for him to do, so they said they'd send him back to me if I could retire him when he was finished. He's nearing the end of his career now, so it's nice to just enjoy him."

Bertram will be based in Wellington a few weeks more to compete with Casper and Lafayette in addition to Quiet Easy.