Bertram and Pacino Amiro Cruise to another 5* Top Finish in Florida

Yesterday's qualifying track for the $500,000 Rolex Grand Prix CSI5* in Florida was sure to be a challenge worthy of the elite combinations contesting it. Still, no one could beat the experienced and speedy duo of Bertram and Pacino Amiro.

Photo @sportfot
Published  01.04.2022

With 14 combinations making it to the jump-off in the Adequan WEF challenging cuponly ten combinations made it for the shortened course as four riders decided to save their jumps for another day.

Several competitors produced a fast and fault-free finish. Still, none could have a better ride than Bertram and Aiden McGrory's 
Pacino Amiro

"I started him off out here on the grass during his first week [at WEF] because I knew the next three five-stars were on the sand. I think the reason we were so successful in today's jump-off was because I didn't lose my pace anywhere. Every time I turned, something nice came up and I didn't have to do anything crazy or wild," Bertram said. 

With the Rolex Grand Prix coming up on Saturday, Pacino and Bertram could not have had a better start to the week, especially considering their recent victory in the five-star Lugano Diamonds Grand Prix.