Short facts:
Name: Cascari
Sire: Cassini I
Damsire: Carpaccio
DOB: 2005
Height: 168cm
Colour: Brown
Last updated  06.02.2019

Cascari is exceptionally athletic, careful with huge scoop and has a great riding ability with a spectacular canter.


At the German Stallion Test in Neumeunster, Holsteiner Körung 2007, two stallions were raised to the clouds with the referees' awards. The winner Diarado, as we all know, was closely followed by Cascari, who was appointed Reserve Champion. American horse expert Guy Hodgson noted Cascari from the stallion test:

"He was exceptional. A beautiful head, excellent movements, light and uphill. A very good push behind and a powerful jump that became even better when the jumps became bigger."

Cascari also impressed during the stalliontest in Adelheidsdorf where he received the high value of 122.8 points which placed him at the top as overall 4th. He continued his career in Italy with 11 flawless rounds in a row 4 years old.

Cascari is exceptionally athletic, careful with huge scoop and has a great riding ability with a spectacular canter. Cascari was consistently victorious in young horse classes until a tragic accident in the padock resulted in the premature retirement of this superstar only 6 years old.
Due to his impressive qualities, Cascari has been bought by Ballywalter Farms to participate in our stallion program.


Cascari has an excellent pedigree and is after the powerful Cassini I, one of the most successful holstein stallions ever, competing 1m60 with Franke Sloothaak. Cassini has left over 40 licensed stallions, including Cumano, Berlin (Dino W), Cabrio van de Heffinck (Hector van D'abdijhoeve), Chicago and Quite Cassini to name but a few.
Cascari's grandfather Carpaccio, ranked number one on his breeding index, thanks to his amazing offspring that combine both jumping qualities with excellent movements. He was champion of his 100-day test and won his class at the German Bundeschampionate. He has dozens of offspring compteing at the highest level in 1m60 like Castello, Louisiama, Miss Saigon I, Carpoccino, M-Catatani, Capatino and others. Carpaccio is also Grandpa of Cambell VDL

Carpaccio is after Caretino which is impeccable in breeding books all over the world, famous for its amazing offspring, including "CASALL ASK with Rolf-Göran Bengtsson in the saddle.

Cascaris mother is a half sister to Chelsea 52 who compete international 1m60 while Grandmother is also a sister with a successful 1m60 horse in Cosima II.
In the third part of the pedigree, we find Carolus I. A German legend with 14 approved sons including Clinton I-II, Cascavello, Conto, Contagious, C.Chap, Countach, Calderon, Campostello, Caplan, Contini, Caronimo, etc. Carolus I is also the grandfather of LEVISTO Z.
Cascari originates from one of the most successful damlines in Holstein, stamm 7126, which produced over 50 approved stallions such as Accord I-III, Acobat I-III, Aco Sirco, Athletico, Aktionaer, Burggraaf, Caddington, Caesar Caligula, Charisma, Catango Z, Chicago, Exodus, Jhonny, Lady King, Lasirco, Quidam, Silverstone and international stars like Bella Donna (1.60m / Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum)
The German Holsteiner Verband appreciates Cascari extremely high as a breeding stallion due to his impeccable pedigree.

Cascari's oldest offspring have become 9 years old and are looking very attractive on shows all around Europe. He produces consistently beautiful modern horses with great rideability, lots of scoop and excellent movements where the canter is exceptionally good with a strong push.

In view of Cascar's accident, he was temporarily taken out of breeding to heal his injuries, resulting in his minor offspring. Despite this, Cascari has so far achieved a brilliant breeding career with several successful sons and international stars compteing successfully up to CSI3 * 1.40-1.50, such as Casaktie, Rumers Cascari, Cool Hand Luke 3, Betty Buh, Calle 70, Stella, Coolman, Casting, Castello, Chateaux, Can Can, Cascanetti and Casmann 2 who jumped impressive rounds during the Global Champions Tour.


Cascari is only available in Sweden this year fresh and chilled. SEK 3000 + 6000 / 45 days.


The pedigree of Cascari




Cascari 4 years old
Cascari 2 years old
6 year old by Cascari
8 year old by Cascari
7 year old by Cascari