Partnering up with Paddy Looney in Stockholm

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Paddy Looney and Stockholm Seminstation in Sweden.
Published  27.11.2017
Set in the beautiful Swedish countryside, 45 minutes north of Stockholm city, Stockholm Seminstation offers the modern breeder a world class service for their mares. The family-run business is led by Paddy Looney and the well-known Swedish showjumping rider, Linda

With decades of breeding and competition experience, Stockholm Seminstation also enjoys in-house Veterinarians and Artificial Insemination technicians offering state of the art reproduction services for Swedish breeders. 

Stockholm Seminstation has partnered with the world's leading stallion owners to make the best stallions available, while offering breeders confidence by delivering exceptional pregnancy rates.

Lead Veterinarian Nina Scarpa is a highly experienced reproduction Veterinarian, specialising in frozen semen insemination and embryo transfer. Nina has spent many years working in reproduction with Paul Schockemohle's Stud in Germany, PS Flyinge in Sweden and also in
South America.